How do you disable Automatic app Updates on your Android phone

Normally the developer of an android app always keeps his app up to date according to survive on the fast growing world. When a app is change it's version Google play store will automatically update the app in your phone. Although it has a value to keep updated with a app but sometimes we feel offended for the automatic update. If you wish to update your apps manually that means which app is needed for update to run properly then you are at right place. Today, I'm getting ready to share you the topic on "how to disable automatic app update on your android phone" so that you can be able to stop automatic update of your apps. Before sharing you the method let's know clearly why we should disable this feature.

  • You can enable this feature anytime when you feel its need.
  • Due to disable this feature you may save your internet data as well money :D
But you should remember that some valuable applications will not serve you best without regular update. Yaah !! as you have decided so no more talk let's do it by following the bellow instructions.

  • First of all connect internet on your phone and tap on the Play store app. 
  • Now go to the Settings on your play store. 
  • Simply tap your finger on Auto-update apps. 

  • Now just select "Do not auto-apdate apps". then you are done !! 

How was it ? I hope you like it. Keep visiting our site to get more interesting tips, tricks and techniques. Bye bye for the day. 

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