Everything about Jupiter - Planet Profile

Our today's topic to write is "Everything about Jupiter". Yes, in this post you are going to get more and more knowledge about Jupiter.

This is the largest planet in the solar system:
1,41,968 Kilometer
Avg. Distance to Sun
772.8 million KM
Time to Orbit the Sun
11.9 Years
Mean Distance from the sun(million km)
Equatorial Diameter(km)
Period of revolution round the Sun or Sideral rotation
11.9 Years
Period of rotation on own Axis or Axis Rotation
9hr 50 min. and 30 sec.
No. of Satellites
Mass: Time of Earth
Mean Temp, of Surface

Qns: Who discovered the first four satellites of Jupiter?

Ans: Galileo Galilei

Qns: Which spacecraft first visited Jupiter?

Ans: Pioneer 10

Qns: Who is Jupiter in mythology?

Ans: King of gots

Qns: Which comet collided with Jupiter in July 1994?

Ans: Shoemaker – Levy 9

Qns: What was photographed by Voyager 1 on 25 February 1979?

Ans: Great Red Spot

Qns: which gas composes 90% of Jupiter’s atmosphere?

Ans: Hydrogen

Qns: Who discovered Amalthea?

Ans: Edward Emerson Barnard

Qns: Which is the largest satellite of Jupiter?

Ans: Ganymede

Qns: What is the number of Jupiter’s satellites?

Ans: 63

Qns: What is the length of day of Jupiter?

Ans: 9.9259 hr

Qns: How many rings does Jupiter have?

Ans: 1

Qns: Approximately how many moons does Jupiter contain?

Ans: 60

Qns: Jupiter is made up of what?

Ans: Gas

Qns: What is the red dot on Jupiter?

Ans: a storm

Qns: Jupiter is made up of the following:

Ans: 90% Hydrogen, 10% Helium

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