Real BCS viva Model Questions

A real BCS viva model is given here to improve yourself to be cadre. Today's Model questions are made up by the real viva of Md. Shah Azam Joni, Rehnuma Tahsin, Najmul Hasan, Ahsan Kobir and Shamiul Islam who have passed the 30th BSC Exam.

Real BCS viva Model Questions-

bcs viva

1st Exam : What is your roll number?

Can         : My roll number is ...........

1st Exam : What is your date of birth?

Can         : 7 October in 1985.

1st Exam : Tell it in full sentence.

Can         : My date of birth is 7th October in 1985.

2nd Exam: Introduce yourself.

Can         : I have completed Graduation and Post-Graduation is Social Welfare from University of Dhaka. I have also completed SSC and HSC from Sashikor High School and College in Madaripur.

2nd Exam: You are saying that you have "completed Graduation", why you are saying so instead of saying "passed Graduation"? 
Can          : Sir, I think these words are similar in meaning.

2nd Exam : No, there is a difference, Now, tell me, why BCS Police is your first choice?

Can          : I think, it is a very prestigious cadre in civil service, it will help me to serve people directly, this cadre also has high social status. 

3rd Exam : Avoid conventional answer, tell authentically about your choice.

Can          : Sir, actually senior brothers of department and hall advised me to take BCS Police as first choice.

3dr Exam : Yes, we were wanting to hear this. Now, tell, what is the quality of a good police?

Can          : Sir, actually the elaboration of POLICE desvribes the qualities of good posice. P = Polite, O = Obedient, L = Loyal, I = Intelligent, C = Courageous, E = Efficient.

1st Exam : Excellent. Ok, you may go now.

Can          : Thank you all, sir.

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